February 22, 2019 Weekly Update

Development, development, development

Things are progressing smoothly this week as we moved past some blocking issues and started making headway with some important and exciting features.

Mobile wallet

The mobile wallet now has full integration of both Divi and Bitcoin, and we can confirm that the Smart Wallet will contain both coins at launch.

The team is hard at work developing core libraries to create a framework that will enable easy integration of many other coins. We aim to make the most comprehensive, standardized, and easy to use mobile solution for transacting, storing, and earning all cryptocurrencies.

Tweet at us and let us know which coins you’d like to see added to the Smart Wallet.

MOCCI Subscriptions

The last unpaid MOCCI-deployed masternodes were taken down as of February 21, 2019. If you have not subscribed, your masternode is no longer earning rewards and you should either subscribe from your Smart Wallet, deploy manually or start staking to continue receiving rewards.

Download the latest version of the Desktop Wallet or auto-update by opening the application.

Divi core

SegWit and Lightning are in their final phases of testing now. At this time, we are testing the transition process on the test network.

We have decided that we would also like to implement Human Readable Addresses in this upcoming hard fork, so work will begin on that as soon as testing is complete on the features mentioned above.

GitHub, why you no update?

I wanted to address a question that we receive relatively infrequently but is something that comes up as a metric in this industry.

First, GitHub is one of the many Git clients. It gained significant traction because of the pseudo-social aspect and was later acquired by Microsoft. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Git and Linux, is pretty outspoken about his distaste for GitHub as a means for version control but that’s neither here nor there.

There are many issues with using GitHub as a metric for progress.

  1. It can easily be gamed and become a “vanity metric.”
  • If one chooses to, one could merely commit “updated readme” or “removed some comments” 100 times per day and the repo would look extremely active. Most folks are only looking at the number and not the content of the commits
  1. Many teams do not push unfinished, or broken code to the public repository.
  • If you’re like our team at Divi Project, you are developing on a private Git client (in our case, we use Azure DevOps) and pushing finished, production-ready code to the remote public repo.
  1. Not all repos are created equal
  • While the commits to private repos can be tracked, they are not visible to the outside world.
  1. Commits come from different locations
  • Some teams commit directly from their company account or have a GitHub “Organization” from where they commit. In Divi’s case, our developers commit from their account to the public repo. If you go and look at my GitHub for example, you’ll see that I’m very active and make commits quite frequently.

There are many other reasons GitHub is not a quantifiable metric when it comes to evaluating a team, but for the sake of time and the purposes of this update blog, I will omit them.

It’s raining exchanges, Hallelujah

Over the past two weeks, Divi has been integrated with four new exchanges, putting us on a total of seven.

Most recently, Divi has been added to Crex24, Exrates, CoinExchange, and the truly decentralized exchange, BlockDX.

See a full list of the exchanges where you can buy $DIVI here.

Disclaimer: Trading comes with risk, and all centralized exchanges should be used with caution. Never keep your funds on a CEX for longer than necessary to make the transaction.


Conferences, in my opinion, are the best use of time when it comes to developing relationships within the industry and attracting new partners, media, and opportunities.

  • Geoff and I just returned from Anarchapulco, which was a mixed conference including a cryptocurrency track. Through the Divi Project charity fund, we were able to sponsor the Marsh Children’s Home (an orphanage in Acapulco) with some laptop computers. We spent a couple of hours teaching them some coding fundamentals and entrepreneurial basics.





  • I will be heading off to South Africa to speak at the Blockchain Africa Conference on February 28, 2019. I will be giving a 20-minute talk about Eliminating the Friction Tax: The Path to Mass Adoption. The presentation will have a focus on user experience, adoption in the developing world, and security by design, all things Divi “just happens” to solve 😉

As always, have a great weekend and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum