February 21, 2020, Weekly Update

Back from Anarchapulco 2020


Opening keynote

Anarchapulco was, once again, an incredible opportunity for Divi. I had the chance to deliver the opening keynote on the Cryptopulco stage. A ten-minute Q&A session followed the forty-minute presentation. The level of interest in what Divi is doing was encouraging, and I look forward to engaging with the new users we've brought on board.

Free Your Family Camp with Marsh Children's Home


Keynote presentations are all well and good, but the primary reason we travel to Acapulco every year is to participate and sponsor the Free Your Family Camp day with the Marsh Children's Home. Marsh is an orphanage in Acapulco, teeming with some of the most respectful and loveable kids you'll ever meet. We spent the morning building Lego robots, which the kids raced and battled.


In the afternoon, Frisco, our video producer, gave a talk about entrepreneurship and starting your own business. Finally, in the late afternoon, Frisco gave a 2-hour video production course to the kids on laptops they got to bring home with them.


Videos coming soon

Full recaps of the Keynote and Family Camp Day are undergoing edits as we speak and will be ready for publishing within the next week or so, so stay tuned!

Exchange updates

Upcoming STEX trading competition


STEX will be hosting a trading competition to celebrate the recent Divi listing. We will publish more specific details next week, so make sure you subscribe to our announcements and other social media channels.

LAToken listing date and AMA schedule

LAToken integration testing is complete, and we have a go-live date. Next Friday, February 28th, 2020, Divi will participate in an AMA (ask me anything) session with LAToken. This session is a fantastic way to open the LAToken community's eyes to what Divi is.

Roadmap update

The on-site roadmap is now up to date. Head over there and take a look at the progress we're making as it pertains to the Divi 2.0 launch.

Internal Beta

Probably the most exciting news from a personal perspective this week is our imminent approach to the first internal beta tests of the Divi 2.0 application suite. In the coming week, we will complete the user onboarding flow and initial wallet setup, which will subsequently be tested by our QA and Beta Basher teams. If you haven't already signed up for the public beta, we suggest you join the 5000 others who have.

Second Venezuela Meetup

The second Divi Venezuela Meetup took place over the past week. It seems as though the Venezuelan community is growing with each meetup, and we are brimming with excitement and gratitude to the organizers and community members who participate.

Venezuelan Charity Partnership

As many of you know, we allocate 1% of our block rewards to philanthropic causes. Recently we struck a partnership with Wild West Crypto to support Venezuelans with funds generated by donated Masternodes. Each week, 25 children are able to eat thanks to this effort.

New use case

Our partners at Polis have added $DIVI as a payment method to their masternode hosting platform, PolisNodes!


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