Join the Divi Crew!

Divi Crew Overview

Do you own some DIVI and want to help our team? A Cryptocurrency is nothing without its community, and the heart of our community is our Divi Crew!

The Divi Crew is our grassroots marketing team composed of community members who perform micro-tasks across various social media platforms in exchange for DIVI tokens and other rewards. We need to get the Divi name and logo out there everywhere that crypto fans are, and we need you to do it!


Tasks are listed on a Google Sheet spreadsheet, and each member has a specific column on the sheet that pertains to him or her. As tasks are completed, crew members mark the spreadsheet to note they have been completed. Participants can complete as many tasks as they’re able each week.


  • Twitter - Likes, comments, retweets
  • Reddit - New posts, comments, upvotes
  • Medium - New posts, max-claps
  • Steem - New posts, upvotes
  • BitcoinTalk Forum - New posts, comments
  • Quora - New posts, upvotes
  • Facebook - Likes, comments, shares
  • Youtube - Upvotes, subscribes
  • 4chan - Comments
  • Divi Forum - Comments

You may need to create some new profiles on these platforms, or join Facebook groups, in order to participate.

Time Commitment

We are constantly improving our methods, striving for quality over quantity. We give up to 15 or so tasks per day, but you can do the ones you want. Many take only a few seconds, such as LIKING someone else’s post or comment about Divi.

Ideally, all the tasks for the week can be completed in an hour, but many participants take longer by writing high-quality comments. The amount of effort you put into it is up to you, and anything you do to help is appreciated.


The Divi Crew is broken into different teams who have friendly competitions each week to outperform each other, and are awarded special prizes. We’re always looking to add more teams! If you’ve got at least 3-4 hardcore Divi fans and want to form your own team, you can make a new team.


Each active Divi Crew member will be paid $10 per week in DIVI.

Lottery: Each week we host a Divi Crew lottery in which one crew member is awarded $100 in DIVI

Best of the Week: Each week one member who stands out as someone who has gone above-and-beyond is awarded $100 in DIVI. It’s possible for the same person to win both rewards!

Prizes and Contests: We also sometimes have contests between the teams, or special awards in which DC members can win t-shirts, Divi coins, or other prizes.

How to Join

If you want to join, then contact Cannon on Telegram at: @RobertSZ and tell him you’re in. He’ll assign you to a team and you can get to work.

You’ll also be invited to the Divi Crew’s private telegram group, which often has even more chatter than the main group.

Thank you, all of here at Divi appreciate your help!

Divi Crew Explainer Video