Divi Vote - Block Rewards Changes

When the Divi team wrote the original whitepaper, we were unable to foresee our exact needs after launch a year later. Some community members have voiced the same concerns, suggesting we slightly change the reward structure based on current needs. Doing this will allow us to take on more valuable opportunities that will benefit the community as a whole. Specifically these funds would go towards:

  • Exchanges (Listing fees, liquidity, and sometimes market-making when required.)
  • Platform (This means hiring outside development teams to build products that are compatible with the Divi ecosystem.)

We put the idea up for discussion in our new forum: http://forum.diviproject.org and the response was overwhelmingly supportive. We listed several options, but found that there’s no clear consensus about which set of values to use. It was suggested that the team pick the numbers, based on our internal knowledge of what we really need, and set that to a yes/no vote. So that’s what we’re doing. In addition, the community asked for:

  • Transparency of how the funds will be spent. (Yes, will do.)
  • A re-evaluation period where these numbers can be modified or reset. (Yes, let’s set this to 6 months.)

So we’re suggesting the following reward structure for the next six months:

  • 45% Masternodes
  • 38% Stakers
  • 7% Exchanges / Platform Rewards
  • 9% Development & Marketing
  • 1% Charity

As before, you can vote using the Ethereum blockchain, by sending exactly 0.1 DIVX to an address. Send this from the addresses that have your largest amounts of DIVX in them, because the vote will be weighted by stake.

  • YES - Voting wallet 1: 0x4EbabB6E14Cd5C80CD60f4a8B0f6C1d128FEEc90
  • NO - Voting wallet 2: 0x1C91AB9b8983447e5E21759Ea84aDcBFe49c87EB

We’ll give this three days, so by Monday, September 3, at 12:00 noon P.S.T.

Notes on why we chose these values:

Masternodes/Stakers: Everyone is looking forward to their masternode rewards, so we don’t want to take anything away from you. Stakers can absorb this reduction more easily since there’s almost no one in the community who’s not planning on having a masternode. This makes it psychologically easier to accept this change.

Charity: This is dear to our hearts, but we need to build this protocol and make Divi successful more than we need to give stuff away at this crucial time period. 1% of block rewards is still 10% of what the team has to develop with, so it’s still relatively huge. Also, our intention is to give away masternodes to be used as fund-raising devices for recipients, not DIVI coins, so as not to depress the price.
So, we really hope you’ll all recognize the importance of supporting us by voting YES on this change, and we promise we’ll make good use of it.

The Divi Team