Introducing the Divi Crypto Concierge Program

Divi's vision has always been to make crypto more straightforward and more accessible for all users, even the non-technical ones. However, with any technology, there will be issues, bugs, and confusion as the product is iterated upon and polished. Even the biggest companies in the world face technical support questions daily.

The problem with most tech support is that it leaves users wanting. Impersonal FAQ pages and cluttered forums only serve to frustrate further users who are already experiencing frustration. Almost no tech companies offer voice support, while their automated systems and bots rarely help to resolve issues.

This problem is especially apparent in the cryptocurrency niche, where the "by devs for devs" mentality has reigned supreme for far too long. A lack of documentation and real, in-person support in both onboarding and usage of the technology is a significant hindrance to adoption.

That is why Divi is proud to announce the Divi Crypto Concierge Program officially. This initiative is designed to help users of all levels access the benefits Divi has to provide. It doesn't matter if you're buying your first Bitcoin or having trouble getting your node to sync. We have in-person representatives awaiting your call (or message, or smoke signal).

How to access the Program

Users who are interested in receiving support with the Divi ecosystem can contact us in a variety of ways. Try one of the options below if you need help!

Live training

If you need a bit more of a personal touch, schedule a call with one of our Support Concierge representatives today.


Have a quick question? Find the answers you're looking for on the Divi Support Telegram


Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions that you may have.


We even have a forum where you might find answers and can ask new questions.

Divi Crypto Concierge Testimonials