Divi Project is Now Available on Bitrue

Divi Project, a top three masternode coin, is now listed on Bitrue

The Divi Project’s main network coin, $DIVI, is now available for trading against XRP and BTC on the Bitrue exchange platform.

What is Divi?

Divi Project is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that launched a blockchain and desktop application on September 27, 2018. Divi uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to create new blocks. The transactions in the blocks are then secured and verified by masternodes. That means that users have two opportunities to earn cryptocurrency with Divi either via staking at least 10 000 $DIVI or setting up a masternode for a minimum of 100 000 $DIVI.

There are five masternode entry points, each with an increased chance at earning rewards. To find out how much you could make, along with other masternode statistics, check out this community-driven website. As of the time of this writing, users can earn up to 52% in additional coins over the course of a year.

Unlike most masternode projects, Divi’s masternodes can be set up with the click of a button and hosted in the cloud for a small monthly fee and require no technical ability whatsoever, thanks to Divi’s MOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer). See the video below to find out just how easy it is to start earning with Divi.

Divi’s masternodes will also be available for mobile devices this year along with several other innovative features. Check out the roadmap for a quick overview of what Divi is building.

Why Divi?

Divi ranks among the top three masternode coins in the cryptocurrency market, behind Dash and PIVX. The key metrics of the currency are so strong that they rank in the top five masternodes across many weighting strategies. Check out the latest blog, where you can read five separate 28-page reports delivered by Omni Analytics on each of Divi’s masternode tiers.

Divi is one of the few ICO projects from 2017 that survived the bear market and continues to build, grow, and thrive. Divi has an active community of roughly 8,000 members on Telegram. While many projects are laying off or firing a majority of their workforce, Divi is hiring new developers.

Top tier team

Divi Project has an experienced team and advisory board who have delivered time and again in many areas of business, including cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Some notable members of the team include former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer, Tim Sanders, Namecoin inventor/expert blockchain developer, Daniel Kraft, and former Principal UX designer at Microsoft, Michael Greenwood among many others.

Consistent communication

Divi Project puts out a weekly update on development, new partnerships, media, and anything else the community needs to know. The consistent communication from the core team coupled with transparent access to most team members via the Telegram and social media channels (see the end of this article for links) makes them one of the most accessible crypto teams in the market.

More than just masternodes

Divi is more than a masternode coin; rather, it is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that employs the use of masternodes for specific purposes. Divi’s economy is a multi-faceted suite of products that all connect and provide easy-to-access innovations for all cryptocurrencies.

Looking forward, Divi will offer human-readable addresses, on-chain identity solutions, atomic swaps, smart contracts, and much more.

When looking for a long-term hold that can earn you crypto while you wait, Divi is a reliable choice.

Divi Project in the media

Divi has already earned a significant amount of mainstream media, appearing on CNBC, Nasdaq, Forbes, This Week in Tech, Cheddar on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and many more.

Additionally, Divi Project is recognized by influencers in the crypto space regularly and sponsors multiple publications and podcasts. Find a few of the recent podcast engagements below.

Bad Crypto Podcast

‘Stache My Crypto Podcast

Furthermore, the Divi team are consistently present at cryptocurrency events, meetups, and conferences - often speaking or presenting the project.

Last year, Divi won third place in the Token Tank Live pitch competition at World Crypto Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Chief Information Officer, Nick Saponaro, recently presented in South Africa at the Blockchain Africa Conference.

Connect with Divi

Divi Project can is on every major social media platform. See below to connect and engage with the community and team.

Trade DIVI on Bitrue