How Divi Will Gain Mass Adoption

While cryptocurrencies are now widely known to the public; even fairly widely speculated on by average-Joe retail investors, their actual adoption and usage as currencies is still very rare.

Photo by John Schnobrich / Unsplash

The Divi Project is a coin and ecosystem squarely aimed at gaining mass adoption. In this article I lay out a case for why Divi – a relative newcomer that is frankly unknown compared to the big players – has a better chance than most at gaining a significant piece of the pie while, at the same time, helping the entire ecosystem move towards its goal of mass adoption by the public.

The case for Divi and other projects like it rests on two key points:

1. Bitcoin Is Not The Competition
Bitcoin is approaching mass adoption but for a very different use-case than Divi. Bitcoin is now widely considered a smart investment and a safe store of value rather than a means of transaction. Hardly anyone actually uses Bitcoin for daily transactions because it’s slow and expensive. Bitcoin is here to stay but it doesn’t compete with Divi, which is a fast and convenient way to buy things. In short; Divi is a currency, Bitcoin is a store of value.

2. There’s Room for Many Players
Some people think that one or two cryptocurrencies will come to dominate the entire ecosystem but thanks to cross chain “Atomic Swaps” this is now unlikely. Atomic Swaps, or Hashed Time Locked Contracts (HTLC) allow trustless exchange of digital assets, enabling buyers and sellers to use different currencies for the same transaction. In other words, you can walk into a store (or visit a website) that accepts the “main” cryptocurrencies but pay with any cryptocurrency.

This means that every single underdog cryptocurrency has just as much opportunity to gain market share as the big dogs. So even if Bitcoin’s Lightning Network manages to bring it back to the realm of currencies rather than store of value, up-and-comers like Divi still have a good chance. With these two points in mind, here’s how DIVI plans to gain market share:

Making It Easy

Divi is, first and foremost a cryptocurrency with a Smart Wallet that is designed to be user friendly.

Embedded in Divi’s blockchain is user data that allows us to simplify and humanize the transaction process. This goes a long way towards making the process a little more forgiving for newbies, but there still exists the massive challenge of getting people past the initial hurdle of exchanging dollars for crypto. Currently, the learning curve for what should be a mundane task is intense. You have to learn all about best practices for securing your private keys before even getting Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then, to buy an “altcoin” like Divi, you practically have to be a pro-trader. There is no room for error.

Our solution is to build an exchange right into our Smart Wallet. From the point of view of someone new to crypto, all they’ll have to do is connect their credit card to the Smart Wallet, and voila, they’ll have DIVI. Behind the scenes, meanwhile, Divi’s Smart Wallet will complete the necessary steps using the APIs of decentralized exchanges to go from cash, to a “gateway” crypto, then to Divi – automatically.

Our insiders have told us that banks have come to accept the inevitability of cryptocurrency growth. They now see an opportunity and are thus focused on how they can profit. Divi’s easy-to-use wallet and platform will be an attractive solution for them to offer to their clients in a mutually beneficial way. For example, Divi could work with banks to offer the option of transferring cash to Divi within their online banking infrastructure, or even through their ATMs. Some of Divi’s advisors have very close contacts with many banks, and they are actively reaching out for such partnerships.


So DIVI has opportunity AND the tech. The next step is to get our product out there. It’s widely accepted that millennials will be the generation driving the first big wave of mass adoption. When they are ready to join the ecosystem they will be attracted, just like any consumer, to brands. Divi takes branding very seriously, having focus tested our logo – with its sporty/surfer aesthetic - to appeal to millennials. We expect that “coolness” will play an important role as to which cryptocurrencies are widely adopted and so we aim to be cool. <sunglasses emoji?>

Proactive Marketing in Mainstream Media

There are a number of very high-quality projects in the blockchain world that have dozens of the best developers behind them. If you’re not a crypto-junkie though, you will never have heard of projects like Stratus or Cardano. Divi is not as stacked with developer geniuses as those projects (although we are very proud of our highly-accomplished team of developers), but we do have a keen understanding of marketing and a few secret weapons that will help us reach mainstream.

Two core team members of the Divi Project are Heidi Krupp and her husband Darren Lisiten, owners of Krupp Kommunications ( which is a top NYC publicity company. Their team is hard at work getting Divi’s brand into the mainstream. They understand that in mass media, the narrative is what counts. The current narrative is that there are barriers to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Krupp Kommunications is helping us to rightly position Divi in this narrative as the solution to those barriers. The narrative takes a while to build, but we expect it to reach critical mass when we’re ready to release the mainnet (Divi blockchain protocol) in Q3? 2018. You will see us a lot in the media, such as on both Cheddar TV and Bold TV.

Keep in mind that this kind of mainstream coverage is very rare in cryptocurrencies. So far, the only time you hear about cryptocurrencies in the mainstream is when there’s a big hack or when the price of Bitcoin reaches $20,000 and then “crashes.” Divi however, thanks to our team’s unique ability to get mainstream media excited about our story, has already been positively featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and many more.

Focus On Women

Women currently make up only 5–7% of crypto users but do 70% of household spending. There are likely many reasons for women being slow to adopt crypto. These include broad differences in the roles of men and women across societies that have resulted in women being cross-culturally under-represented in many other cutting edge technologies in at least the last few generations. In terms of what can be reasonably addressed though, there are at least two important and connected points:

  • Crypto is still mostly a highly-speculative game for investors, and men make up the majority of high-risk speculators (it’s widely accepted that women tend to have a lower risk tolerance than men).
  • Women are more likely to ask, “What can I do with this?” focusing on the practical function of cryptocurrencies rather than their speculative value.

Divi directly targets these two points by making crypto useful. More women than men are opening small home businesses, as shown by the explosive growth of Etsy. Part of our plan is to tap into this by offering an alternative or additional market within our Smart Wallet.

We’re building an advisory panel of top women executives and leaders in technology to help us identify other reasons women are less represented in crypto and to make Divi an attractive offering for both women and men.

YouTube and Social Media Presence

Any good marketing campaign must of course utilize the full suite of channels available. Divi has a team of social media influencers like Kelsey Matheson, who has been producing a Youtube video series targeting common issues newbies face with crypto and helping them smoothly onboard to Divi.

Strategic Partnerships

Divi’s team of advisers is extremely well connected in the tech world. They are telling us that big tech companies are itching to accept cryptocurrencies but that there still isn’t a solution that can provide the user experience expected by their customers.

As mentioned, Divi’s tech has the ability to simplify and humanize the transaction process. That, in combination with our focus on a smooth user experience, means we are very close to being able to provide the solution these tech giants are after. As soon as our MVP is ready, our well-connected advisors will make sure it gets into the right hands.


In answer to the rightly asked question, “What can I do with this?” we are building a marketplace that will allow people to use Divi.

To start, we are reaching out to online retailers that fit within the categories our target market is likely to want. This effort will accelerate as we get closer to the launch of our mainnet so that we are ready with a functioning marketplace the minute we go live.

In addition to partnerships with online retailers, we plan to build a mapped directory within the Smart Wallet to help Divi holders locate vendors who accept crypto and are near to them. At first this will be a simple listing service but our roadmap calls for it to be turned into something more like Etsy or Amazon, but built on a peer-to-peer decentralized network.


The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is perhaps the biggest financial opportunity that the world has ever seen. Tens or even hundreds of trillions of dollars of fiat currencies and monetary instruments are not only “going digital,” they are going “peer-to-peer” over the next several years. Divi has a unique and flexible solution, the team to build and promote it, and after our successful ICO, now the resources to make it all happen.