Divi Listing on Bithumb Global

Our latest exchange listing is Bithumb Global! We're incredibly excited to open a new trading venue to our users and expand the reach and awareness of Divi to new users.

We know there are many questions out there, which I will address in this article.

Bad Crypto Podcast Exclusive Announcement

Head to 48:00 for the official Bithumb Announcement with Bad Crypto!

Why Bithumb Global?

Stepping stones

The move to Bithumb Global is part of a broader exchange strategy that we have been rolling out for the better part of a year. Our listing on Bitrue was the first reputable exchange Divi landed on after the Cryptopia debacle. It took us months to recover from those events. Bitrue has been a fantastic place to establish trust with users and deepen our liquidity.

The next phase was finding a couple of relatively well-known low-to-mid-tier exchanges to list that were cost-effective and reliable. That's when LAToken and STEX came into play.

Now, we take the next step up to a mid-to-top tier exchange with established trust and name recognition. There are a lot more considerations that ultimately led to our listing with BG. I'll go into more surrounding the strategy in a moment.

The next phase is a big leap into a top-tier exchange. This leap will take time, and we have much work to do before we make it. That said, our coin holders should know our team is always working on it, and the effort is all part of a strategy.

Asian markets

If you keep up with this blog or our other updates, you know we are making a move into the Asian markets. Bithumb and its subsidiaries are Korean and have a significant reach into those markets. This listing is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle in the overall go-to-market strategy.

On-Exchange Staking

Bithumb offers on-exchange staking. Granting access to staking without the burden of running your hardware is well-aligned with Divi's philosophy of Crypto Made Easy. The management team at Bithumb Global has already agreed to list Divi as a staking asset, and the integration is underway.

Deep liquidity

Volume isn't everything. Many exchanges report false volumes to increase their position on the rankings lists that exist online. Our team analyzes the order books of the exchanges we list on and ranks them according to their actual liquidity. Bithumb ranked at the top among the other venues we were looking at in this class.

High no-KYC withdrawal limits

Users on Bithumb Global can withdraw up to 5 BTC worth of assets in a single 24 hour period without the need for KYC/AML registration. This flexibility was another consideration made by our team.

U.S. participants allowed

We know that a significant portion of our community lives in the United States. For this reason, we want as many of our trading venues to allow users from the U.S. jurisdictions.