Divi Goes To Brazil

Just a quick announcement, especially for our Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking fans.

We learned that a Brazilian exchange, called BleuTrade has listed DIVX.

In addition, Brazil is a great market for Divi, because there’s so little trust in banks and government there. I recently saw Andreas Antonopoulos speak and he said that people in countries like Brazil really need cryptocurrencies more than they do in the U.S. or Europe. There, you don’t have to sell and explain them so much. It’s common knowledge that banks are terrible and untrustworthy. They don’t ask WHY they need crypto, they ask HOW they can get and use them.

It was his belief that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies would therefore most likely happen in developing countries first. Not only are the banks terrible, but in many poor areas, large numbers of people don’t have birth certificates and can’t ever get a bank account. Yet, many have smartphones, or soon will. Divi’s user-friendly wallet that reduces the complexity of crypto is ideal in this situation.

Additionally, BleuTrade will support DIVI upon launch, and has committed to continuing to support DIVX independently for at least three months after that.

If anyone wants to join Bluetrade’s telegram (especially if you speak Portuguese) and talk about Divi and our user-friendly 5-tiered masternode program and lottery blocks, click this link