DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 55: How Blockchain Will Change Charity

In this episode of the Divi Crypto podcast, co-host Steve talks about charity, which he defines as the selfless voluntary giving of aid to those who need it. Steve lists five well-known groups handling cryptocurrency donations.

UNICEF is one of the most prominent charitable organizations that began to accept bitcoin Ethereum donations since last October first in Australia.

Binance Charity or Blockchain Charity Foundation
This is one of the biggest crypto charities. As of January 2020, they donated about four and a half million dollars—equating to 541 bitcoins— to over 100 beneficiaries. They made some controversial connections to improve transparency in their donations, but their actions are commendable for the amount they are raising.

BitGive Foundation
BitGive was one of the first bitcoin charity organizations founded in 2013, and they have handled nearly $ 100,000 worth of donations and spent less than 1% of the money over the past seven years. The donations are raised on fees, and they have worked with a lot of non-profit organizations.

The Giving Block
Steve noted that the giving block was founded in 2018 to tip the scale to have more people accept bitcoin in the charity ecosystem. They have worked on the rainforest foundation, the human rights foundation, save the children and AMCA.

GiveCrypto was launched by Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, in 2018. They have donated 303,000 dollars as of the first quarter of 2020, and they promise 1.5 million soon. Steve notes that Brian started the foundation to help with the instability that was going on in Venezuela.

Effective Altruism (EA): Steve learned about EA during his first startup, and they study the effectiveness of your donations. McGarry stated that they open opportunities for a giving pledge to join a family.

It would be really impactful to find companies and charities willing to accept masternode rewards like a Divi or alternative rewards generated from MasterNodes. It would be a giving pledge like EA, and people can enhance the vision of cryptocurrency for decentralization and individual empowerment.

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