DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 81: Crypto Marketing Interview with Ty Daniel Smith from Coinbound

In this episode, Steve is joined by Ty Daniel-Smith, the managing director of Coinbound. This podcast uncovers interesting concepts and angles, considering the audience often asks questions about promoting and advertising with a crypto project.

Crypto Origin Story
Ty had a techy friend who was building an application and while explaining the process, they saw some underlying issues about the exchange of monetary value and it would not work with US dollars. It had to be decentralized.

So he got involved in a couple of different crypto startups while focusing on sales and marketing. He was trying to grow several companies while seeing agencies come into space that attempted to apply traditional marketing techniques to a new industry that responds totally differently from a previous business.

Crypto Influencers
One of the most significant pieces of what their team has started with has been working with influencers and key opinion leaders. It serves as a marketing style because they found out it was working efficiently. However, there are specific guidelines that the team ought to follow in the marketing industry. For the most part, you need a cryptocurrency certificate; basically, Google's just trying to prove that you're not a scam.

Ad Networks
According to Ty, if you want to advertise efficiently and have a more robust Bulletproof marketing plan, you have to establish your channel. Their company created their ad network so that they could announce and launch directly. It is comparable to Google ads and banner ads, onto crypto publishers and sites with a crypto-specific audience. And others exist like that as well, that is more or less profitable work. Currently, the channel is growing, and they got about a dozen sites on platforms. They aim to fill the inventory for all the major publishers.

Learn more about Coinbound here