DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 75: Interview with CryptoRich Firstmate of PirateChain

On another episode of the DIVI crypto podcast, Steve is joined by the only CryptoRich, the first mate on the first-class ship, and a good ship pirate chain representative.

Crypto Origin Story
He was a former child protection social worker, and he spent a lot of time trading in developing work. CryptoRich learned a course that figures everything about money, ironically, not on how to invest it. Realizing how he didn’t know this stuff influenced his initiative in researching fractional reserve banking, gold, and silver, all the things that would be useful to know, but the school doesn’t teach. CryptoRich discovered and purchased some Bitcoins in 2013, but later took a deep dive into it. In April 2017, he posted content about what he learned from Bitcoins five to eight times a week on his channel. Some insights were brought from a content creator perspective, which sparks interest from other people in different social platforms.

Pirate Chain
Until team Komodo approached him to do a video. He mentioned that Komodo has incredible and astonishing technology, with an accurate atomic swap cross-chain Dex that works on mobile and a desktop to support Bitcoin to Ethereum conversion. It was through the Komodo he was appointed into the pirate chain.

According to CryptoRich, the pirate chain was the most secure and private than other cryptocurrencies, more reliable than dash or other pivots. Unlike programmers or computer experts, the philosophy behind pirate chains in technology was associated with his background as a social worker.
Up-to-Date Releases

Though the company compromises independence, Pirate Chain is collaborating with other companies through participation with ongoing projects. This includes sharing the content of one organization to the other’s platform. They are on the way to encourage more and more business outlets to use pirate chain.