DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 74: Finding A Community in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain With Jason Nelson

On this episode Steve sits down with Jason Nelson, exchanged thoughts about cryptocurrency and blockchain. They talk about the trends in the industry that can provide an opportunity for many who are not yet inclined to bitcoins, and shared how they found a community within it.

Job Before Cryptocurrency
Jason Nelson was an IT support technician who fixes computers, installs or deletes malware, upgrades software, and the like. Simple as it may seem, but it served as an avenue for him to interact with people who directed him towards the cryptocurrency industry. It was in 2013 when he first heard of bitcoin through an article, which he just ignored. In 2016, he saw a tweet that made him curious about bitcoins, and he got directed to people who belong in the industry.

Current Industry Trend
According to Nelson, “defy” is what he sees. You can make the liquidity in a snap of a finger. What makes it interesting is that anybody, regardless of age, can do it. Cryptocurrency and blockchain do not require a big company, a bank, or a government to operate. An individual just needs technology with an idea to revolutionize finance. In contrast with these organizations in which “who you know” matters, the only thing that matters in cryptocurrency is what you can do. Hence, it is not surprising that Gen Z can change the industry right now.

Additionally, there is decentralization in this industry. Unlike businesses focused in one place, which is a threat factor because people can go after you, bitcoin changed the system. It allows you to transfer something to different areas in a matter of seconds without any hindrance.

Community Within the Industry
Nelson currently focuses on the Divi project because of its community. For him, any crypto with a strong community has a greater chance of success. Through this community, he found people to motivate him. More than the things and experiences he gained from cryptocurrency, it is the community that makes him stay in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of providing value to others, vice versa, and making the community stronger.

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