DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 71: Interview with Everipedia Vice President David Lebovitz

In this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, Steve talks with David Lebovitz, the vice president of business development at Everipedia, to share insights about the company's progress with the influence of his crypto origin story.

Establishment of Everidpedia
Everipedia built the most accessible online encyclopedia. He remembered hearing about cryptocurrency for years, but never really seized on it. In 2017, the year after David joined, things got enthusiastic as they set unrealistic expectations: the next generation encyclopedia.

Since David has been in space for almost 4 years, he understood which data and information are reliable as well as the rationale of terms. They aimed to bring world knowledge and information on-chain, like the blockchain version of Wikipedia.

How It Works
The website is user-generated. They have a wide variety of content, whatever the topic might be, such as science, sports, culture, etc. In 2019, they explored knowledge in different areas until they launched a prediction about marketing projects. In involved observation of the online community. Whereas, the reaction of the twitter users regarding the famous face swap trend.

World-class organizations
The team has progressed so much that it would be possible to convince world-class organizations--companies aiming to explore credited sides such as sports scores and the presidential election. There have been talks and regarding it, and it has been said to come out soon.

From data backups and sort sources, David's team aspires to be the standard of knowledge on the blockchain in many approaches.

What's coming next
People can expect additional features and project developments, such as:

  • Bridging information from trusted organizations and sources
  • Groundbreaking decentralized systems blockchains
  • Keeping track of when edits were made

In addition to this, business establishments could learn something from it since it adds pages of what interests the users.

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