DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 69: Interview with Fran Strajnar CEO of BraveNewCoin

In this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, Steve sits down with Fran Strajnar, the CEO of Brave New Coin to talk about some new partnerships and initiatives they are working on at Brave New Coin. Although he started bitcoin in 2010, in 2015, Fran and his team began to explore the possibility of building an index for bitcoin with a financial data infrastructure. When they started, their focus was on educating people to bridge the knowledge gap.

**Techemy Capital **
Fran’s team built a thesis for future product progression. Then they settled that there will be a need for a bridge, so they started focusing on building their variant of infrastructure (data). They established Techemy, but they spun it out in 2018 as an umbrella for the progression of businesses. Techemy became a venture builder while deploying shared services models for a fraction of the cost. It grew from 8 people to up to 100 people at some point.

They launched a partnership with Leverj.io for highly scalable decentralized derivatives exchange. It is a Decentralized Finance (Defi) trading platform that is relatively new and not well known yet. It is still in its market testing stages currently. Breaking Defi down into a function, someone will be able to use Defi functionally when they become owners of an interest rate account where they are the sole custodian; one that outperforms banking interest. They forecast such functionality in the coming nine months or less, which is a mind-blowing pace and an impressive time limit.

Future (2021) Prospects
In addition to the partnership with leverj.io, Fran shares that they are currently focusing on four pillars of Techemy, which are:

  1. All things BNC
  2. Providing a whole range of single and multi assets indices
  3. CFT providers, new products, and stable coin bearing
  4. A multi-year partnership with BTSE

In addition to these, they are working on a lot of other details, partnerships, models, indices, and more.

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