DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 67: Central Bank Digital Currencies Interview With Christian Kameir

On this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, Christian Kameir, who was once a guest on DIVI during the stable coin debate, talks about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Kameir talks about CBDC as an expert on the topic. His expertise is due to spending up to 35,000 USD researching value transfer technologies. He states that if and when banks decide to adopt cryptocurrencies and new payment forms, they have to create awareness.

Information on Value Transfer Technologies and CBDC
Christian describes CBDC's as a form of a paradigm shift and also describes the current papers on CBDC's as plane tickets that people buy without having a sense of their location first. The latter description is due to a lack of fundamental research in the state of value transfer. Following due diligence, Christain and his team have researched and released documents on Central Bank Digital Currencies and value transfer technologies to help people get into CBDC with enough information by implementing the scientific method.

Is the Information Deficit Because of Government Bureaucracy or Lack of Due Diligence?
Kameir calls it several things; lack of resources and more probably due to the complexity of the topic. He states that his team spent a lot of money and three years on research that also included reaching out to startups to get some level of knowledge in the field. They also needed to reach out to academia to increase the spread of knowledge.

Summary of CBDC
Christian states that most of the points he has spoken about in the conversation are not viable yet because they are not answering any current need. Creating a new account like this one is like opening a new product in a new language and asking them to learn it. He states that producers need to adapt their product to the consumer for them to get drawn to it. To get an in-depth understanding of CBDC, you can listen to the podcast.

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