DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 66: Interview with FiCAS and the Future with Bitcoin

In today’s daily crypto podcast episode, Ali Mizani, the founder of FiCAS, shares his story about the company and Bitcoin. He narrates his move to Switzerland for his futuristic vision and building his company there who now leads the trends of the digital market. Bitcoin is forecasted to make it big by the end of 2021, and investors should be on the look-out for this new wonder.

Discovering Bitcoin
It was in 2007 when Ali was writing a book about the future and how humans are migrating to virtual reality that he discovered a gap in this digital area. He was introduced to bitcoin in 2013, which turned out to be the answer to the lack of digital currency that he found back then. He calls bitcoin the digital gold and he quickly involved his family, friends, and clients into investing in this new project.

The Start of FiCAS
Ali wanted to find a better country that is regulated in cryptocurrency, and so he ended up in Switzerland where he established the FiCAS company. They are the first actively managed ETP in the world and are listed on the sixth exchange. They aim to repeat their success story around the world and have a board of directors with over a hundred years of experience in the space.

Know More About FiCAS
Those interested can know more about the company at ficas.com which is their asset manager or in bitcoincapital.com which is their product site. They are also on popular crypto news sites wherein one can see their current ventures and know more about how the company is leading the world towards the bitcoin movement.