DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 65: The Past Remade For Tomorrow Interview With ZeroLabs

Today’s episode is an interesting one because Nick interviews someone who is not entirely from the crypto industry. Instead, Nick invites Adam Roe, the CEO and founder of Zero Labs Automotive, a company that focuses on advanced vehicle technology (electric vehicles), electrical engineers, and the like.

What Made Adam Roe Decide To Create Zero Labs?
Adam had an educational background in Behavioral Science and quickly shifted to Advertising, which promptly came alongside discovering the technology for Zero Labs. Back then, vehicles were created and made based on reliability. However, nowadays, since people are becoming more conscious of the environment, parameters for cars quickly changed, and Adam also followed that trend.

Also, Adam was a car collector, and he explains the beyond the ecological reason behind it, there is a behavioral reason. Based on multiple interviews with different clients, Adam realized that there’s always a need to connect to the past, and nothing better represents a person’s past than vehicles. Zero Labs was created to allow people to drive cars they loved from their past, but in a way that’s not destructive for the future.

The Technology Of Zero Labs
The concepts at Zero Labs have been around for centuries. Back in the day, combustion-like vehicles were a minority. Instead, electric cars and steam-powered cars dominated back then. In general, Adam sees the general concept of Zero Labs is based on past concepts. Overall, Zero Labs only tries to control essential factors such as the software. Their company only aims to give the people tried and tested programs from the past without putting anyone at risk.

Is Zero Labs Planning To Accept Cryptocurrency As A Form Of Payment?
Adam sees the possibility of using Cryptocurrency to purchase their cars, given that the market remains stable.

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