DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 64: Helping Businesses Thrive In The Digital Economy Interview with Gilded

In today’s episode, Nick talks to Gil Hildebrand, the founder, and CEO of Gilded. Both talk about how Gilded works and its effect on the digital currency economy.

What Is Gilded?

Gilded, as a technology solution, is a software platform that integrates many different cryptocurrencies as well as different banking systems and accounting software to cover all necessities needed to help businesses transact using digital currency.

What Does It Do?

Gilded helps businesses operate internationally. It makes it easy to send and receive payments worldwide at a fraction of the cost and the time that it takes for traditional money transfer options (such as banks). Gilded makes money transfers happen through digital currency. Although in the past, society has not been very welcoming when it comes to digital currency because people thought it was challenging to use. There were issues regarding taxes, and it violated government rules. However, nowadays, digital currency is slowly addressing past concerns and resolving them rapidly.

Gilded is slowly bringing businesses in the digital currency economy. If there are people who are willing to accept digital currency for payment (known as account receivables or the ‘demand’), and there are people who are eager to pay in digital currency (‘supply’), then the economy will prosper and improve. Gilded continues to create and provide the population with tools that can help pay and receive invoices.

In Terms Of Invoicing, How Does Gilded Help Businesses?

In traditional invoicing, it includes a lot of processes and conversion, especially if you’re a business that’s using digital currency. In reality, you’re the one who should be doing the conversion to ensure that you get paid rightfully and correctly. When you create an invoice using Gilded, you can use whichever currency you want. When the customer is about to pay, Gilded calculates the exchange rate so that you get the right amount of money according to the fluctuations in the market.

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