DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 63: Changing The World One System And Cause At A Time Interview With Blockchain For Humanity

For today's episode, Geoff interviews Grace Torrellas from Blockchain For Humanity.

What Is Blockchain For Humanity?
The question that resonated in Grace's mind back then was "is Blockchain being used for good?". Before diving into the industry, Grace already started programs that were 100% transparent, telling the people where the money goes and many more. Overall, Blockchain For Humanity began from the need and willingness to help people and communities no matter what system or program is needed.

Is Blockchain For Humanity Working With Other Systems Or Do they Have Their Own?
According to Grace, Blockchain For Humanity is completely Blockchain agnostic. One of the first things that they decided upon as a team is "either you marry a technology, or you look for a problem and see which technology better fits or addresses the problem." From that perspective, that's what Grace and her team give value to and importance. Therefore, they're 100% agnostic. If the system is, for example, EOS and the technology works in a particular country, then Blockchain For Humanity supports it.

Programs That Blockchain For Humanity Has For People Who Want To Join
While there is no application being developed at the moment, Grace says that Blockchain For Humanity participates in donations to get the resources needed to move on with the project. One project that helps benefit people involves a small community called El Salvador that already implemented Bitcoin's use. All this happened due to a generous donor that gave to charity, and it gave rise to Bitcoin Beach, a currency that people can use at the moment in El Salvador.

This implementation of their own currency in El Salvador helped the small community significantly, especially during the pandemic. The government immediately sent Bitcoin Beach to each member of society without having to go out and visit each house. Simultaneously, the stores and groceries also converted their modes of payment to suit the solution their officials made.

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