DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 62: Interview With Philippe Bekhazi of Stablehouse

In today's episode, Nick interviews Philippe Bekhazi, the CEO of Stablehouse. They both talk about what Stablehouse is, what it does, its impact in the crypto world, and much more.

What Is Stablehouse And Why Is It Important?
Stablehouse is a new venture that's focused on Stablecoins. Philippe started with Bitcoin, but he saw it as a very special asset but believed it was not adequate for most people to buy whatever they needed. The reason behind the creation of Stablehouse was to help people process and make payments, remittances, and many more.

Stablecoins are use cases that you can put on a blockchain, and it's a quick and cheap way to move payments and money around. Overall, Stablehouse was created to connect all the ecosystems (Blockchains, Stablecoins, currencies), making the overall digital experience better.

Tips For Countries Who Want To Create Their Own Version Of Stablecoins
It depends if you want the sponsor to be the government, in which case it becomes a central bank-like situation. On the other hand, you can also decide if you want it to be a private enterprise that tokenizes legally.

In terms of technology, it comes down to a few parameters that you want when digitizing money. Of course, you'd want it on a secure Blockchain plus additional measures to ensure overall security and safety.

What Is The Latest Project Of Stablehouse And How Can People Get Involved?
In the next few months, Philippe and his team will release an application that acts as a wallet that allows you to transact in multiple currencies, including Bitcoin and Etherium. Also, you can use different networks like Lightning, Liquid, and other Blockchains. The application allows you to take advantage of the ecosystem and the Blockchain systems in the industry.

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