DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 61: The Stable Coin Debate

In this episode, Nick talks about Stable Coins with two speakers. Nick is with Christian Kameir, the Managing Partner at Sustany Capital and zenafone contours. Both guests will debate about Stable Coins and everything in between.

Stable Coins

To start, Nick asks about each one’s take on Stable Coins. Zenafone begins by saying he’s in favor of this type of Cryptocurrency because of how the market uses it. Looking at the world of Crypto right now, Stable Coins, by far, are the most used asset compared to others. According to Zenafone, he sees that the market decides and shows that Stable Coins, which are very stable in nature, are the ones being used more because clients see how others use it in the market and its overall infrastructure.

As for Christian, he classifies money based on how it’s created, stores, and moved. Within those categories, you look into who creates it, why it gets created, and how it’s created. All these categories will either move or add friction. When it comes to Stable Coins, Christian wants to see more because, according to him, although its name has the word ‘stable’ on it, it’s only relational.

Is The Average American Wealthier Than They Were 10 Years Ago?

As a follow-up question, zenafone asks Christian if he thinks that the average person has become wealthier in general. The latter says yes. In the U.S., there is a difference between individuals who have assets and those who do not. People live in a cash-based society wherein cash gets inflated, and the purchasing power goes down by at least 10% per year. Christian says that you need to increase the value of money at the same time that you’re increasing the money supply.

Tune in to this episode and learn all about these two personalities’ stand on Stable Coins and a lot more regarding Cryptocurrency and many more.