DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 57: Interview with Ashish Singhal CEO of CoinSwitch Global

In this episode Geoff talks to Ashish the CEO of CoinSwitch a platform simplifying the ability to buy crypto in India and worldwide.

As many in the community know, the Supreme Court in India prevented its people from purchasing cryptocurrency for years. That law was very recently overruled opening the door to amazing entrepreneurs like Ashish. Geoff and Ashish discuss the importance of user experience and keeping design simplified for users from all backgrounds.

CoinSwitch aims to simplify buying and selling cryptocurrency for retail users in India and the rest of the world. Their slogan “Fast, Simple, Secure” makes sure you get to understand their products fast, simple, and, most notably, securely.

Building Your Mobile Wallet

Building your mobile wallet might sound daunting and unfamiliar, but listening to this episode, you will hear how simple and easy it is to create and account with a mobile wallet. With the majority of the world on mobile devices now, CoinSwitch is a driving force for mobile crypto adoption currently. Ashish talks about how to safely and securely spot digital assets and purchase them quickly on mobile.

Bitcoin For All

Ashish and Geoff also want to take away the notion that entrepreneurs who innovate forget the masses. So they wanted to make sure that even their 65-year-old parents can understand and use it. Making the act of buying and selling cryptocurrency as easy as ordering food online, buying from Amazon, and also booking a cab is hard.

Both DIVI and CoinSwitch's focus is for regular people to be part of the network and to have simple usability.

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