DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 56: How Blockchain Will Change Academia And Education

In this episode of Divi Crypto Podcast with co-host Steve he follows up on the previous interview with Erick Pinos, who is the president of Blockchain Edu aka Blockchain Education Network (BEN) and Americas lead for the Ontology project.

Steve states that education is an asset you want to invest in as it is what differentiates a speculator and an investor.

Blockchain Education Network
Steve commends BEN for pioneering education on ontology and Blockchain. The Blockchain education network provides a Blockchain community and for students around the world and has clubs with active mentors that support the club students in over 500 hub universities.

The MIT Bitcoin Airdrop
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's bitcoin club had an airdrop of bitcoins in 2017. Steve was working in Dogpatch Labs around the area during the period at the Cambridge Innovation Center in the Digital Docklands across from MIT, and he could feel the energy from where he was. Steve found it surprising that people were reconnecting because of the initial interview and believes that on-ramp crypto education for young minds should be a focus.

Blockchain Education Network Clubs
Steve refers to colleges as the jump point for this because eventually, the knowledge cycle would-be college students teaching incoming college students, and BEN has achieved this with their clubs. Steve referred to BEN as a ground-zero and the longest-standing network of students, professors, alumni, teachers, and community leaders supporting students worldwide. Their numbers are staggering, and Steve notes some of their biggest partners and conferences that support students.

Blockchain Storage
Steve notes that putting things like a Diploma on Blockchain could be a big trend in the future. This trend would be because of the timelessness of the information on Blockchain. It would indicate the date, time, and degree of graduation.

Not just for a diploma, but for more information, you can encrypt like a CV during an interview and presentation for a meeting. Steve notes many future possibilities with Blockchain encoding in the future and even possible membership storage.

He says Blockchain can change the face of Academia in the coming future through these clubs.

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