DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 54: Interview with Erick Pinos, Americas Ecosystem Lead of Ontology

In this episode, Steve sits down with Erick Pinos, Americas Ecosystem Lead of Ontology, the enterprise Blockchain project. Pinos is also the CEO of BEN (Blockchain Education Network), which has numerous partners that continuously work with universities worldwide to help Blockchain clubs move forward.

What Is Ontology?

Ontology is a well-known project in the industry that’s been running for quite some time. It’s a public Blockchain and a generic smart contract platform that allows anyone to launch almost any contract. In terms of identity, that’s an area and focus that Pinos and his team want to have stand out because of the potential it offers a lot of traditional systems.

Ontology helps users obtain information regarding decentralized identity, something that Pinos deems vital in the industry. Blockchain healthcare is another major program related to identity, wherein some medical records and prescriptions are both decentralized and cryptographically secure. It allows people to secure their medical information through a robust platform.

Trends And Applications On Ontology

Ontology has served many users and developers to date. For example, in 2018, the most common programs being developed on the platform were token-based projects where the utility tokens were later used in the ecosystem. Movie Bloc tokens became a hit because users (both Asian And Westerners) had access to Korean movies in exchange for these tokens. In fact, until this year, utility tokens are still one of the leading programs uploaded on Ontology.

Blockchain Education Network (BEN)

BEN allows Erick to connect and fund college clubs that fully support Blockchain education. The good thing about the network is that it reaches countries and places beyond the United States. There are clubs in Asia, and even in Turkey. Overall, BEN is another platform that provides online education as well as mentorship by connecting the experienced members of the older clubs to the newer and younger members.

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