DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 51: The Power Of Komodo In Cybersecurity With Kadan Stadelmann

In this episode, Nick interviews Kadan Stadelmann, the Chief Technology Officer Of Komodo.

What Komodo Is All About

Komodo is a technology that mainly focuses on building security and privacy in a trustless manner. Stadelmann sees Komodo as one of the techs that help bring out the full potential of Blockchain. The term “trustless technology” is something that many people should start giving importance to, mainly because programs should not require people to trust in their system or tech.

Komodo allows clients to calculate and validate all information and data, unlike in traditional banking, wherein the numbers and calculations based on trust alone. The critical vision of Komodo is to become the opposite of programs that people are used to being involved in. It aims to give clients both technological and financial freedom.

The Future Of Technological Security

Kaden sees a concern on the end-user when it comes to protection because of the possibility of an increase in hacking attacks aside from specific malware. Also, there may be problems in the information that most end users have. People commonly use the applications with a lack of knowledge and awareness about the technology that operates within their gadgets. This can cause significant problems long-term.

Users don’t care enough to look into the application’s programs to know if it can be a potential threat to their personal and private data. Unless everyone starts to understand what the different technologies are about, their privacy and security might remain at risk.

What is AtomicDEX?

AtomicDEX is Komodo’s third-generation decentralized exchange technology that’s 100% mobile-ready. It’s the only project in the industry that provides end-users with a production-ready multi-coin trustless wallet for all kinds of phones. Clients can easily access the program in their application store.

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