DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 50: How Women Are Changing The Face Of Cryptocurrency With Alyze Sam

In this episode, DIVI CIO Nick Saponaro sits down with Alyze Sam, blockchain expert, stablecoin supporter, and co-founder of GIVE Nation. Alyze shares her Bitcoin experience and how women are changing the face of cryptocurrency.

Topic #1: The “Accident” That Changed Alyze Sam’s Life

Alyze shared how she accidentally took an interest in cryptocurrency. She narrates that she was a hospice nurse for more than a decade, but a collision accident changed her life. While she was recuperating in a hospital bed, Alyze got deeply involved with Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. She found herself learning the ins and outs of Bitcoin, and this interest eventually turned to stablecoins.

Topic #2: Support For Stablecoins

Alyze agreed that stablecoins is the gateway to decentralization. She revealed that over the years of being involved with stablecoins, she wanted to share her knowledge with young adults and children, which was one of the reasons why she was able to come up with a university guide for stablecoins.

Topic #3: GIVE Nation And Kids

Alyze considers GIVE Nation as a breakthrough program that brings the knowledge of blockchain to children. She described the younger generation as our future and deserved a lifetime of happiness through GIVE Nation's different programs.

GIVE Nation also focuses on preparing children for stablecoin and its many uses (remittance, as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account, to name a few). Alyze explains how GIVE Nation works and how it teaches kids to share their time, assets, and their talents for various charity causes.

Topic #4: Women In Blockchain

Finally, Nick focuses on how Alyze supports women in blockchain. She mentioned WIBI.io, one of the groups that she supports, saying that this is made of professional women who value inclusion, opportunities, diversity, and the use of technology for good.

Nick concludes the show by asking Alyze how people could find her online. She said people could keep in touch through GIVE Nation by enrolling in compassion classes. Her books on stablecoins called Stablecoin Economy is out at Amazon Books and Google Play Books.

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