DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 48: Decentralized Farming with Geoff McCabe

In this episode, our very own CEO Geoff McCabe sits down with Steve to talk about permaculture. Taking a very basic approach starting with organic gardening being just one aspect of permaculture. Permaculture is a combination of green buildings and sustainable living in many ways.

What Is Permaculture?
Geoff says that permaculture is more of a pattern language of how you interact with nature and the community. Permaculture has different zones, and the love of permaculture is how you interface the different zones to your living space. There are certain principles, such as stacking, wherein you find one structure that can do multiple things.

Basics Of Gardening
In the current state with COVID-19 and the economic collapse, millions of people globally have started to build gardens due to food shortages and self sustainability. The first order of business in gardening is to know and learn about good soil. In cultivation, you need to have deep soil filled with biological life that will work for you or against you.

Gardening starts with good black soil with worms and a nice flat area. Unlike traditional gardening, in permaculture, we find a better system like organic gardening. Geoff recommends hugelkultur, wherein you dig a hole, fill it with logs, and build your garden bed on it. This process is going to grow your garden three to four times better and faster than other methods.
For beginners, a soil test may be the first step to find out if the soil in your backyard has lead content. If the land is negative for lead, you may start to adopt hugelkultur and start gardening.

Easy Foods For Gardening
Geoff says that it depends on the place and the season. He says that he grows foods that he wants to eat like tomatoes and carrots. Foods used for salads such as lettuce and tomatoes are flavorful when grown in the garden. Others functional foods to plant are:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Carrots

When you harvest plants, you should also add back new plants to your garden to expand your garden variety. Make worm boxes and compost from peelings to nurture your soil. Geoff mentions a lot of people do this, and he recommends finding them on the internet to learn more from. Over time, with lots of discovery, and research, you will discover some solutions to make permaculture work extremely well.

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