DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 46: Interview with Luke Stokes of FIO

In this episode Luke Stokes the Managing Director of FIO, sits down with co-hosts Steve and Geoff.

Steemit Incorporated Bought By Justin Sun

Luke Stokes talks about Steem’s takeover as Justin Sun's Tron Foundation bought 20% of its total token supply last February.

Stokes explained that Steem is a delegated-proof-of-stake blockchain where tokens may be used to vote for governance. Steemit Inc.'s original consensus on its ninja-mined stake is for these stakes to be for specific categories in promoting the network and not to dominate Steem.

Stokes mentions that though Sun bought a part of Steem's token supply, it does not mean he runs the blockchain. Major developers and stakeholders also had a lot of questions that needed answers, Stoke says.

Stokes also mentioned a controversy on non-distribution of these ninja-mined stakes to its account holders. Other disputes include censorship and blocking of members.

What's Next For Steem?

The Steem community should participate in developments in the decentralized blockchain technology. Stokes says that his being voted back into Steem is a signal for him to do more for Steem, be vigilant on changes, along with other developers and investors.

What About FIO?

Not many consumers allow cryptocurrency to buy goods or services; that's why FIO wants to change that dynamic. Foundation for Interwallet Operability offers a wallet layer solution that adds usability to crypto space projects.

The usability layers include the following core capabilities:
FIO addresses – wallet addresses.
FIO requests – allow decentralized and secure applications.
FIO data – lets endpoints create invoices and other metadata.

These capabilities deliver a seamless user experience for their cryptocurrency transactions. This protocol enhances user experience across various platforms which will bring different crypto wallets and exchanges together while users' independent identity remains. This solution enables a consistent usability experience for the entire ecosystem.

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