DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 45: Interview with Zilliqa Chief Science Officer Amrit Kumar

In this episode Steve sits down with guest Amrit Kumar, the president, chief science officer, and co-founder of Zilliqa.

Zilliqa is one of the relatively large projects in the cryptocurrency space. So we have partnered with Zilliqa to do a 10,000 Zil token giveaway to 3 lucky winners that comment on the episode!

Brief Introduction Of What Zilliqa Is
Zilliqa has two main features, the first of which is scalability. Zilliqa is trying to solve the problem of blockchain scalability through sharding technology. This solution is so that Zilliqa can cope up with real-world requirements.

The next feature is about smart contract safety, which led to the development of a new smart contract language, Scilla. This language is designed for developers to create applications that are safe from hacker attacks and handle vast amounts of money.

Flagship DApps and Trends On Zilliqa
The biggest challenge in blockchain space is on new users. New users need to know things such as what an address is before transacting with the network. Developers come into the scene by making it easy for new users to use these cryptocurrency applications.

Zilliqa also has some exciting games being released on-chain. Steve mentions that gaming is one of the great ways to interact with the technology of cryptocurrency. Games also create an open market for users to develop their assets, according to Kumar.

What Makes Zilliqa Different From Other Platforms?
Zilliqa has faced its problems on scalability, and its app is top-rated. From a developer perspective, a scalable platform is critical. It is crucial because a network should be able to support a high volume of transactions from users.

Also, high valued contracts should be deployed on a network safely, thus the creation of Scilla. Developers are looking for the best framework that they can use, and the Zilliqa platform has this. A user-friendly way to interact with the network is also Zilliqa's edge.

What's In For Zilliqa This 2020?
Zilliqa 1.0 is finished and is proud of its functioning mainnet that uses sharding technology. Zilliqa platform was the first at this technology. The coming transitions will be for the Zilliqa 2.0 version, such as features on privacy. They will also be focusing on developer toolkits, exchanges, and stable coins

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