DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 44: Interview with Medha Parlikar, CasperLabs CTO

In this episode Nick interviews CTO of CasperLabs Medha Parlikar.

CasperLabs is creating a the truly scalable, simple to use, and always secure blockchain and smart contracting platform. It provides developers and users more control and access; a demand many want these days.

Smart Contract Platform
Developers are unstoppable with CasperLabs blockchain technology. They can build their businesses with the easy to use and secure blockchain, as well as its smart contract platform. Today, what ultimately matters is that there is a smart contract layer.

A significant differentiator is how easy their smart contract layer is to use.

  • Is it able to recognize the language of the developer?
  • Can it pick up on application insights?

If not, then the smart contract goes through a continuous learning process to keep up with the developer demands over time.

No Proof-of-Work Mining
CasperLabs is equipped with its CBC Casper based proof-of-stake consensus protocol, which allows developers to build their applications seamlessly. Instead of using proof-of-work-mining, network computing power is applied, which makes the whole process and transaction more efficient.

The best part of the platform is that it's permissionless, which means that everyone can participate. One really cool aspect is the consequences for bad behavior in the network. To prevent bad actors the consequence is their stakes are slashed.

Upgradeable Technology
The whole network is built on upgradeable technology so that it can support some of the best scaling technologies today. Developers can innovate and grow their applications without worrying about delays. No more inflexible and slow-moving infrastructures.

In every transaction, there's always a base level performance. This goes to show and help the platform learn, and create predictable operations. It won't have a problem adapting to the work it'll go through.

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