DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 43: March 2020 Update

In this update episode, Nick talks about new updates in the Divi ecosystem, such as developments to the wallet, onboarding process, and its additional features. You will also be hearing about DIVI's milestones and surprising giveaways at stake.

DIVI's Onboarding Features

One key feature of the onboarding process is running security processes in the background. This process saves the user of unnecessary hassles while earning some DIVI during account set-up. This process also gives you the option to privatize your settings in the account. The improvement in this gamified on-board technology will attract more users not only in the DIVI cryptocurrency but also in other cryptocurrencies.

New Features Of the DIVI Wallet

Users have the option to use the wallet as a virtual bank as it is or you can access additional features such as setting up your KYC data and even learning to secure and backup your wallet. The design is perfect for new users or those new to the cryptocurrency industry.

DIVI Listings

DIVI was listed on LAtoken and we did an AMA in their telegram channel. Another listing was with Midas Investments, which is a platform that offers exchanges and investments in cryptocurrencies. Midas Investments offers fractions of DIVI masternodes for those who cannot afford the full masternode. Along with other digital cryptos, we're doing giveaways on the Midas Investment platform to get users engaged.

Milestone On One Thousand Masternodes Deployed

DIVI has deployed nearly a thousand masternodes, currently at nine hundred fifty plus, massive giveaways are to be expected. Prizes will be the following:

  • Ten thousand DIVI to ten people
  • Free five months of Discord Nitro
  • Ten promo codes from Mochi
  • Twenty bags of DIVI coffee
  • Two bottles of DIVI Syrup
  • Two jars of maple butter from DIVI Syrup
  • Two shirts and two hat from DIVI Threads
  • One bottle of DIVI Oil
  • Five signed service books from Scotty Werner

Other milestones include crossing a hundred thousand podcast listens, completion of IBM registration and DIVI revenues from Mochi shows a 250% improvement from 2018. The increase in Divi revenue was from the introduction of long term subscriptions as well as people's interest in earning from cryptocurrencies.