DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 42: Bringing Crypto To A Larger Scale Through Social Media with Crypto Finally

In this episode Rachel the founder of Crypto Finally sits down with Nick Saponoro to discuss the portrayal of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in mainstream and social media audiences.

Cryptocurrency Being Ever Evolving

Cryptocurrency has been in constant evolution and will continue to do so in the future years. Cryptocurrency platforms are available throughout the internet; however, some may be archaic. The main reason why for DIVI's creation is to build software and platforms that are friendly and accessible to all types of audiences. Because there are limited reliable platforms, an influential cryptocurrency speaker like Rachel will bring the message across developers.

Getting People Involved In Cryptocurrency

Because social media is a significant contributor to an industry's success, cryptocurrency found its growth through various social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other social media channels have become the source of people's cryptocurrency news. Social media is essential for the growth of digital currency; however, it is not enough. One of Ms. Rachel Siegel's project is to promote cryptocurrency through decentralized social media with the adaptation of blockchain technology.

Promoting Through Decentralized Social Media Platform

With blockchain technology, the future of cryptocurrency would also dominate the world through its decentralized server. Blockchain technology gives users control over what they access and chooses to post. Decentralized social media platforms have its users as its center. A decentralized social media platform uses cryptocurrency incentives for the usage of its blockchain technology. Decentralized platforms encourage loyalty by incentivizing the public to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Monetized Social Media

Social media platforms use digital currency incentives as one way to increase the public's engagement in cryptocurrency. And with blockchain technology, the potential of growing cryptocurrency awareness has increased through these monetized social media rewards systems.

Challenges With Social Media

Cryptocurrency rewards are actively used on social media sites. However, abuse of this reward system is rampant in some social media sites. Some unwanted actions are the rewarding of cryptocurrency incentives for posting inappropriate or aggressive content. Correction to these abuses is one of DIVI's ideals for a better cryptocurrency world.

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