DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 41: How LOKI Solves Issues In Privacy

In this episode, Nick Saponaro interviews Simon,the CEO of LOKI. They discuss LOKI, an application built by Simon that focuses on resolving the common issues that a privacy network has nowadays.

How Did The LOKI Application Start?

Simon tells about a Blockchain meeting he attended in Melbourne, Australia, which is, by the way, one of the first places that acknowledged and used Bitcoin as a means of currency. By 2017, Simon started meeting people who shared the same passion for cryptocurrency as he did. Over the next few months, Simon and his colleagues eventually stumbled upon the idea that they should create something that can help address issues such as those that exist in private networks, etc. With this, an anonymous messaging service was one of the primary goals which became the sole focus of Simon and his team by the end of 2017, and by 2018, they all built a company.

What Makes LOKI Different From Others?

LOKI does more than the usual Blockchain system given there are a lot of additional strands and extra services. Unlike other programs, Simon and his team aim to give and do more so that they can adequately provide service to their clients and their users. As they were talking about privacy, Simon chooses to focus on "who is talking to who, rather than what's inside these conversations." Overall, LOKI addresses the privacy issues that are common in chats and messaging applications.

The Future Of LOKI's Privacy Framework

Since the governments are starting to look negatively at privacy coins, Nick asks Simon about any plans to continue down the path of privacy. Simon says that he and his colleagues will 100% continue what they started. LOKI focuses on privacy, and it's the core reason for its creation.

A Change In The Overall Approach

Simon thinks that in the next years to come, the team should alter the approach. Meaning, instead of trying to be the best privacy application, they will now look more into the ease of use of the clients. It's okay to sacrifice a bit here and there, but overall, the team aims to give everyone convenience.

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