DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 39: Blockchain Domain Names Interview with Brad Kam

How Unstoppable Domains Slowly Changes The Domain Name Industry

In this episode, Steve interviews Brad Kam, the co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, which is a company that focuses on building domains on blockchains.

What Is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains acts like a registry such as .com; however, they build names on Blockchain. A traditional domain name is part of a centralized system called DNS wherein some servers are controlled by a specific group of people who also track the owners of these domain names.

The domain registry built by Unstoppable Domains sits outside of the said system, and it gives the user the ability to control and manage the domain name themselves. Tokens are in the ethereum wallet, which means that others cannot take the domain name, unlike the traditional .com names wherein people can easily take them away from you, update it, or move it.

There are two things that the Blockchain domain can do that those others cannot:

Allow users to send cryptocurrency without tracing the source address
You can build a censorship-resistant website that only you can put up or takedown.

Censorship Issues In Other Countries

Some countries, such as Spain, have no control over their domain names mainly because of the way the people built it. The governments can quickly raid these systems and sites, which prevent its people from having access to free speech and rights. Turkey, on the other hand, demands that there are certain words (such as "gay" or "naked") that people can't post on a host website. If Turkish people refuse to abide by this law, they can face charges. However, China has the worst law regarding censorship. Before a website launches, people need approval from the government before they can start building anything.

What Makes Unstoppable Domains Different From Others

In comparison with other domain website hosts, Unstoppable Domains allow its users to have full access and authority over their names. Unlike others wherein a larger company still owns the domain name they use, people who choose Unstoppable Domains can freely manage their website without having to hold back in terms of words they use or how they build the site itself. Overall, it gives everyone the freedom they need to be able to express themselves on their websites fully.

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