DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 38: The Maximalism of Cryptocurrency Interview with Roger Ver

In this episode, Nick sits down with a giant in the crypto space, Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver. He is one of the primary adopters of Bitcoin and owns a fork of the coin, Bitcoin Cash.

Topic #1: No Coin Rules Them All

Roger thinks that at the end of the day, the market decides. He compares the current crypto situation to money. The network effect of money is strong, but in the current scheme of things, the US dollar plays a significant role, but not the only role. There are other currencies, such as the Euro and Yen, which are also valuable. Different people use different things. Cryptocurrency, at the moment, is like that.

Topic #2: Tools For Economic Freedom

Roger believes that all of these cryptocurrencies are just tools that can bring economic freedom to the world and that while one may be superior, it is not the only option. Roger is not beating the drum for only Bitcoin Cash; he is beating the drum for all cryptocurrencies out there.

Topic #3: The Goal Of Crypto

The goal is to make cryptocurrencies more useful to people that the traditional financial systems that exist today. If they are not more helpful, then, of course, people would not use them. Cryptocurrency still has a long way to go. There needs to be mechanisms and systems in place to make it useful for all people all over the world.

Topic #4: Visions for Bitcoin Cash

Roger says his personal goal for Bitcoin Cash is to see it succeed and go head-to-head against the US Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and every other crypto coin out there. He will do that by making Bitcoin Cash much more useful to use than the traditional financial banking system.

Topic #5: Decentralization Is Not The Goal

A lot of Bitcoin maximalists are harping on its decentralization. Roger says that it is not the goal in itself. Decentralization is merely the tool used to achieve censorship resistance so that cryptocurrency will not shut down.

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