DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 36: The Monthly DIVI Update - February 2020

In this episode, Nick is here once again for a monthly update!

Topic #1: New Use Cases for DIVI - PolisPay

February may be short, but it is an eventful month for the coin nonetheless. First, PolisPay now accepts DIVI as their payment method for their Polis Nodes application. This was an extension of DIVI’s partnership with PolisPay a few months ago that added DIVI to their mobile wallet and added a lot of useful features. Now, you can set up a node on PolisPay using DIVI as currency.

Topic #2: New Use Cases for DIVI - DIVI Syrup

A DIVI community member from Canada is the first person to beta test the upcoming DIVI Mall application. It is basically an e-commerce platform, but with DIVI coins as payments. DIVI syrup is the first of such stores. From the store, you can order maple syrup, maple butter, and other products.

Topic #3: DIVI for Charity

DIVI was able to raise between their community and their charity fund an amount enough to provide five computers, a charging station, and LEGO robot toy figurines. That is in addition to all the fantastic events and workshops the company spearheaded and participated in.

Topic #4: MasterNodes Top Earner

In February, Masternodes Online delivered its industry report, which is similar to CoinGecko’s industry reports, except it focuses solely on masternodes. DIVI is hailed as the #1 earner in the Masternode niche throughout the whole crypto industry in 2019 and is top 5 overall according to the same report.

Topic #5: STEX is Now Online!

STEX is a new DIVI exchange that came online during February. You can deposit and trade DIVI through the platform. In addition to the listing they are also conducting a trading competition for all of their users. The top 25 DIVI traders will split 500,000 DIVI coins between them. What is different from this trading competition is that its not just the best trade wins; it is based on your overall consistency over the course of a 30-day period.

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