DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 33: How Blockchain Can Help Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics is the act of transporting different items. It could be international or local transportation, and freights can be on the train, trailers, or ships.

In episode 33, our co-host Steve decides to shed light on the different ways of transporting materials that not a lot of people know about in the industry of Logistics. He talks about several experiences he personally had, regarding how he eventually landed in the logistics department after college and some of the things he learned along the way.

Using The Blockchain Tech To Manage Deliveries

Steve starts the discussion by stating that working in the logistics department back then gave him an innovative idea: using blockchain technology as a means of delivery management. He believes that the industry will be able to benefit from the system that blockchain has to offer. Since blockchain is a decentralized system that allows input from several users, everyone in the department can keep and monitor real-time happenings when it comes to deliveries.

Inventory And Management

After explaining the process and chain of information handling in the inventory department, Steve sheds light on the fact that peace and order stopped once the physical paper of inventories got handed to the drivers. Because computers no longer control that aspect of the process, problems ensue in freight handling. Also, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to the failure of the system and delivery management.

Blockchain In Logs

Logs tend to be a challenging aspect to manage deliveries because most consequences result from human errors or shortcomings, and it sometimes gravely disrupts the overall delivery procedure. Steve sees blockchain as the perfect tool to address all log-related issues. The drivers can now input information that managers can check from time to time. Blockchain will be able to provide vital and specific information regarding the driver’s whereabouts and actions.

Improvement In The Security And Efficiency Of Logistics

Since managers have access to information that tells of the driver’s activities and many more, companies can now increase efficiency and security. Gone are the days wherein updates had to take a longer processing time because blockchain allows immediate responses and message deliveries. Overall, companies do not have difficulties in completing one step of the process. They can simultaneously perform other vital tasks.

Overall you should give this episode a listen to hear some of the interesting ways blockchain can improve logistics.