DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 31: Lets Talk About Token Metrics Interview with Ian Balina

In this episode, DIVI CIO Nick Saponaro interviews Ian Balina CEO of Token Metrics an AI based cryptocurrency review and predications platform.

Topic #1: From Spreadsheet to Platform
Token Metrics is a crypto trading platform developed from Ian’s ICO spreadsheet, which people in the crypto space hold in high regard. Throughout the last few years, Ian and his team have been working on a platform adopting those ICOs to tokens already trading on exchanges. The Token Metrics platform has the added advantage of bringing in firms such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and IBM, taking their system of cryptocurrency analysis, and turning them into the software with the integration of data analytics and machine learning.

Topic #2: What Sets It Above
One of the most compelling problems of crypto, especially one who is a neophyte in the space, is finding real, trustworthy, and informative data. There is a massive issue with false reporting, fake metrics, and vanity metrics. Ian says that their new platform will help raise the competitive bar in crypto. He touts the systems human element and machine-integration element that optimizes token ratings daily as what sets it above from the competitors.

Topic #3: Holistic Data for All Traders
Ian outlines that the benefits of Token Metrics apply to both day and long-term traders. For instance, the machine learning-based 30-day price predictions allow traders to know the trend on a coin is going. The system is also reasonably accurate, commented Ian. Some projects on their top ten list enjoyed a high rate of returns, and their predictions are customized to tailor to each cryptocurrency, resulting in accurate predictions.

Topic #4: Web of Connections
The Token Metrics platform also incorporates an investor network. Ian says that one of the good things about being a professional investor is meeting people with the same agenda and goals as you. Ian and his team traveled all over the world, hosting crypto meetups and conferences to build a robust connection between investors and traders.

Topic #5: The Subscription Plans
This platform caters to different starting points, and as such, have different pricing tiers. Ian outlines each pricing tier and the specifications of each plan so that you will have a more comprehensive view. He also gives a coupon code you can use for a discount.

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