DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 30: Enterprise First Blockchain Interview with Geoff McCabe and Joe Roets

In this episode, Geoff McCabe CEO of DIVI interviews Joe Roets CEO of Dragonchain

Dragonchain is a blockchain platform that originated from The Walt Disney Company last 2014.

The Start Of Dragonchain Plus Disney
To start things off, Joe tells his backstory about the ideas and programs he engaged in before working with Disney. With a lot of knowledge regarding software systems and Bitcoin, both Joe and the caller from Disney decided that they wanted a project that could cater to traditional engineering methods as well as tackle topics about Blockchain technology. Joe further praises the kind of environment he experienced at Disney, which was a free and funded background, something he never experienced with his past work.

Developing A System That Can Cater To Everyone’s Ideas
In line with the support from Disney bosses, research never became an isolated thing because instead of focusing on telling the people about how Bitcoin works or why it should be used by many. Instead, Joe and his team took and Engineering and Architectural approach, which then resulted in them building a platform that allowed people to grow around the said software and incorporate their ideas. At the time, even non-technical people would pitch in their thoughts, and overall, everyone would discover a project that seemed impossible at first, but efficient in the long run.

What’s Next For Dragonchain?
The future of Dragonchain shows numerous partnerships with companies that take an interest in the kind of software they offer, especially in protecting users’ rights. Another software development known as Dragon Factor is a Decentralized Identity solution built on Blockchain technology. Joe plans on focusing on making Dragon Factor as user-friendly as possible, even to potential clients who have no background in the world of cryptocurrency. Also, there is a multidimensional system in the works that can help identify if a Blockchain user is a living person or not, which ultimately adds to the security of the software system.

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