DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 59: Interview with Exchangily A New Decentralized Exchange

On this episode of Divi crypto podcast, Nick sits down with Sean Henderson and Dora Tang to talk about their new decentralized exchange platform Exchangily. Nick was in awe of their team, and when asked about it, Dora tried to be modest about the uniqueness of their team. However, Sean also shares a similar fascination with the team they have.

The User Experience
Exchangily is a use case for the Blockchain, and Sean described it as the first multichain TrueDeck. They have Bitcoin cash, Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and lots of ERC20’s currently. Sean also praises Divi for being revolutionary and says Exchangily is one of the most exciting things he has done since Divi. Sean calls decentralized exchanges the future of exchanging because it makes it easier to see corruption. Dora noted that Exchangily, as a decentralized exchange, would not only have ERC tokens but multichain in a trustworthy, safe space at the same speed at centralized exchanges.

The Wallet
The wallet is an open-source wallet capable of handling not just Exchangily tokens but other tokens. Dora stated that Exchangily being an open-source means that the codes are all open, and there are not hidden to generate hidden charges. The Exchangily app is available for android or Ios as your mobile wallet.

OTC Trade Feature
OTC is a channel for exchange between digital currencies―like USD and Canadian dollars to cryptocurrency. Dora notes that the OTC trade opens an avenue for curious individuals to buy a cryptocurrency for the first time.

Although cryptocurrency is all about freedom, Exchangily does not stand with money laundering, so that means it will enforce regulatory laws. The United States plans to set specific regulatory standards, and Exchangily will comply with SCC laws while maintaining freedom along with it.

Exchangily followed the pattern of freedom and launched on the fourth of July, and Sean shared some unique deals that come with the launch.

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