DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 29: The State of Crypto Mining in 2020 with Seth Estrada

In this episode, co-host Steve sits down with the legendary miner Seth Estrada, where they talk about cryptocurrency mining and master nodes, and the changing landscape.

Topic #1: The Start for Seth

Seth started on technical training work for a couple of Fortune 50 clients, such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, and some other companies. While doing tech work, he noticed a shift in space and entered the cryptocurrency platform in 2017. From then on, he went on to consult some mid-scale miners and mining deployments, and up to now continues as a consultant in the mining space.

Topic #2: For the Newcomers

Seth recommends ventures for neophyte miners. He says that if you already have developed strong feelings for projects whose mission you admire, start there. It is not like seven or eight years ago in 2013 or 2014, where graphics cards inside a computer will net you a significant amount of crypto. If there are coin-based projects you are passionate about, then investing in them will let you earn a little bit from them every day, while also supporting the project. There are also more ways, such as utilizing the project’s derivatives and asset issuances on their network.

Topic #3: Utilizing Masternodes

Seth comments that Masternodes is an exciting facet of earning rewards in crypto. A centralized dashboard, aside from being a cohesive operating system that offers a universal panel for every single master node globally, lets you see from bird’s-eye view projects that stand out among the rest. Seth also mentions digital servers to help streamline choosing a master node and mining.

Topic #4: What to Look For In A Masternode Project

Seth outlines the criteria he commonly applies in the selection of a project, those factors that let him tell what projects he will take a second look at and what he will dismiss. Factors such as total market cap liquidity and return on investment are two flags Seth looks at. A low market cap liquidity and unrealistic ROI prompts him to discard the project. He also mentions more factors related to masternodes and that DIVI is one of his favs.

Topic #5: The Changing Landscape

Seth says that the landscape is changing very fast. There is this progression going on in the community, and more and more manufacturers are offering hardware, such as GPUs or CPUs fit for cryptocurrency mining. They are pretty substantial investment numbers, though, so Seth says that it is highly essential to know and understand these before venturing into an investment.

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