DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 28: Shedding Light On Various Types Of Identification

Nowadays, there are various forms of identification available-- from licenses to company cards, people can easily present themselves using these objects.

In this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, Steve talks about how identification happens in the world of blockchain. However, he first sheds light on the history of public records, dating from ancient times. Next, he discusses the different licenses people have now, as well as Divi’s role and the future of incorporating technology.

What Are Public Records And How Did Previous Civilizations Retain This Information?

To further educate his listeners about the topic of today’s episode, Steve explains the different forms of identification and public records, citing his marriage and how it ended up being an official document. He further sheds light on this practice, dating back to previous civilizations. Some records showed that information was etched onto clay tablets, while others had knots or cords that indicated a particular type of information.

Types Of Licenses In The Modern Day

With modern technology and advanced knowledge, people have access to different forms of identification. There are licenses, certificates, documents of insurance, identification cards, and many more. All these are vital and crucial in helping people have access to different organizations, work, and benefits. Steve goes into detail regarding all these forms of identification that people can utilize during various occasions.

The Role Of Divi

Divi is trying to help countries who need different forms of identification to have access to necessities such as bank accounts. Divi is now focusing on giving people the chance to have various types of license aside from the usual ones people have nowadays. The company sees the importance of having and acquiring monetary value in any form, be it cryptocurrency or something else.

The Future Of Incorporating Technology In Vital Documents

Steve sees excellent opportunities for people around the world, especially if people start using technology in highly trafficked and utilized resources such as passports or visas. Not only will this trigger hunger for learning more about the tech, but it also encourages other companies to start seeing different ways to help people gain access to necessary forms of identification, as well as give an idea to better handling of records and information.

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