DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 27: Providing Masternodes From Other Cryptocurrencies To The Digibyte User Base

In today’s episode, Nick talks with Chris, Leny, and Mark regarding the incorporation and provision of masternodes to the Digibyte user base. The trio created an ecosystem that provides access to different assets in the Digibyte world.

How Did The Digibyte Asset Start?

Nick started by asking how the trio concluded that they wanted to create Digibyte assets that they can utilize in Divi masternodes. Mark starts answering by saying that he likes the thought of having a community such as Digibyte that can allow clients to have and afford their shares in the system. Nick sees this as a great way to implement cross communities, which gives users a higher chance to handle different types of coins in the long run.

How Can A First-Time Buyer Obtain His Own Divi Masternode Through The Digibyte Broker Platform?

Nick now inquires about the process one should take if a new user starts showing interest in purchasing a Divi master node. Before anything else, a person should make an account or use a Digi I.D. After that, go straight to the marketplace and search for the gateway project asset. Click the ‘purchase’ button and then send your Digibyte to any Digi broker address to ensure the safety and security of your assets. Then, assets will now be on its way to the user, and the necessary Digibyte details are to be sent to the seller once they comply and do their part in this overall process.

Why The Digibyte Project Proves To Be An Attainable System For Everyone

Overall, the ecosystem of Digibyte is an extraordinary project because, unlike other systems, people can have access to a master node, or at least obtain a specific portion of the rewards it has but without the substantial financial commitments. This type of software philosophy is 100% in line with what Nick Saponaro believes in, especially at Divi. Mark agrees and proceeds to further shed light on what a user can do if ever he cannot afford to continue: sell the assets and get the money back instantly.

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