DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 25: 2019 Year View Of The Divi Project With Nick Saponaro

In this episode, Nick (our CIO) takes time to inform the community about what happened throughout 2019!

Topic #1: What Is Divi?

Nick opens the podcast with a question frequently asked by most clients: what is Divi, and what does it do? Although it can be challenging to simplify and specify the answer, Nick explains that Divi is more than a great set of features or technology because the teams behind it aim to present clients with world-class decentralized solutions and so much more. However, everything he explained is not always a smooth-sailing ride, especially if you’re dealing with a complex system.

Topic #2: Why There Was A Delay In The Release Of The Divi 2.0 Project

After discussing the cause of cryptocurrency’s fall last January, Nick shed light on the delay regarding the release of Divi 2.0, which should have been a second coming of the once failed system. Unfortunately, Nick had to go through numerous interviews to be able to find the perfect candidate that could help develop the Divi software. Some applicants didn’t pass the standards they were looking for, while others just used the Divi offer as leverage for their current job.

Topic #3: What Divi Coffee Is All About

Divi Coffee is a particularly interesting topic because most people think that this program only allows clients to purchase coffee with the use of cryptocurrency. In reality, Divi Coffee is a platform used to help send supplies to the citizens of Costa Rica who don’t have access to necessities for school such as pencils, paper, backpacks, and so much more.

Topic #4: Divi Starts To Get Back On Track

Nick remembers the time that they hired people from Denmark, and he sees this moment as the breakthrough of Divi 2.0 wherein everything was happening as it should and as to how he envisioned it. He further shows gratitude to the numerous team members that strive to keep the Divi project going despite the hardships.