DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 26: Can DIVI Masternodes Become Alternative Revenue Streams For Businesses

In this episode, Steve decides to tackle a topic that he thinks can resonate with most business owners worldwide. He notes that the majority of the population is part of different organizations. In contrast, others have a corporation of their own, which is why the topic for today’s podcast is essential for listeners that currently work in the business world.

Different Revenue Streams Business Owners Should Know About

Revenue is known as a source of income for any business. Steve continues to shed light on the importance of diversifying ways to make money when you’re planning to stream revenue. This strategy especially applies to large companies. There are seven types of revenue streams: selling assets, charging a fee for usage, subscription fees, renting/leasing/lending, licensing to third parties, brokerage fees, and advertising fees.

The Ability Of A Business To Take On Debt

If your business is already at a certain level wherein the cash becomes higher than the amount you send out monthly, then the company can take on some debt. However, there are business owners who still choose to reinvest so that there would be an increase in the amount of profit. Steve encourages business owners to try Divi master node and proceeds to lay down the statistics of earning money through this platform. He sees the master node as a sustainable and reliable revenue stream that supports networks and generates revenue at the same time.

Seeing A Future With Using The Divi Masternode

Steve doesn’t put pressure on the listeners and instead discusses the ways they can start using the master node. It doesn’t have to be grand all the way, as business owners can start with Divi Gold up to the Diamond or Platinum. Steve further explains that if a business earns at least $2-3 million a year, business owners should at least invest 10%-20% on a master node because he sees it as a potential generator of cash flow. Steve wishes to view more incorporation of masternodes in general because he thinks that the business world needs a little more creativity, especially in the development of various revenue streams.

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