DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 23: The Divi Retreat: An Adventure in Costa Rica

The Show Notes for DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 23 with Nick Saponaro

In the 23rd episode of the Divi Crypto Podcast, Steve McGarry interviews Divi's CIO, Nick Saponaro. They discuss the recently organized event by the team, which was the first-ever Divi Retreat. Headed by CEO Geoff McCabe, several employees, stakeholders, and community members were able to relax, unwind, learn, and strengthen relationships in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Aside from sharing the details on this experience, Nick also hints about everything we should watch out for in 2020. Curious to know what Divi has to offer next year? Don't miss this episode of the Divi Crypto Podcast.

Topic #1: The Recently Concluded Retreat
Nick explained the importance of having an amazing retreat with the team, stakeholders, and the involvement of community members in the future endeavors of Divi. They all enjoyed the trip, activities, reconnecting with nature, and all the fun they had on the pools and waterfalls. But above all, Nick said that they were able to share, and talk about where Divi came from and the direction it wanted to go.

They also had several learning seminars during the retreat. Nick felt that activities like this are essential to what they would like to achieve which is inspired by permaculture which everyone contributes to community growth.

Topic #2: Divi's Upcoming Events
Nick shared that Divi plans to attend the upcoming North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami which will happen at the first month of 2020. The company is still thinking if they will be one of the sponsors in the event, and this will be determined by some factors.

One event that they will be sponsoring is the Anarchapulco conference 2020 in the beautiful place of Acapulco, Mexico on Feb 10-20. Divi Crypto sees this as an opportunity to connect with people that have a similar mindset, friends in the industry and, other crypto company owners as well.

Topic #3: Launching of Permatek and other plans
Along with a possible announcement of new Divi mobile app before the end of this year, Nick unveiled that the launching of Permatek - Divi’s Digital Nomad Ecosystem will push through in 2020. The Permatek project, located in Costa Rica, is essentially an ecosystem for all crypto users which allows them to work, eat, live, and pay for travel transportation without the need for traditional currency.

Nick added that Divi also aims to donate 12 additional computers to Marsha’s Children Zone, an orphanage facility in Acapulco, during the conference. Nick added that Divi believes that helping the community is essential for the learning of the children.

Topic #4: The Divi Retreat 2.0
Nick is hoping that the digital Nomad space would be operational by 2020 so that they can provide more spaces where people can live once the retreat happens next year.

Nick ends the show by saying that the facility can help them a lot to plan the next company retreat in Costa. More people can be accommodated and Nick believes that retreat can surely help the organization to adapt to the changing world and strengthen the relationship of the team and all stakeholders.

Episode Bonus: Nick shares he woke up startled in the middle of the night to howler monkeys yelling in the jungle. Nick followed up by saying he will be more prepared for howler monkey noises next year.

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