DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 21: The ICO Fallout & Altcoin Capitulation Interview with CryptoWendyO

Show notes from The DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 21 with Crypto Wendy O

For the 21st episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, Steve is joined by Crypto Wendy O. Wendy used to work in healthcare before she became interested in cryptocurrency & blockchain technology in 2017. By 2018, she worked full-time in the crypto industry, and now, she focuses on providing transparent marketing & media solutions for blockchain companies globally, along with hosting face-to-face meetups and educating the community.

Topic #1: What Does Alt Capitulation Mean?

The conversation started with Steve, asking about what capitulation means in the crypto context. According to Wendy, basically, this means to stop or give up on something altogether. This is actually expressed in how the crypto community got a lot smaller than when it was still starting out. A lot of people, after the 2017 situation, capitulated. Some chose to give up, some just felt done, and some were not interested in participating in the scene anymore.

Topic #2: Brief Overview of Trading

There is a lot to know about trading, but there are some terms to know first. Leveraged trading is basically multiplying positions. You can make a lot, but you can lose a lot, too. Shorting is anticipating the market to go down, while longing is anticipating that the market is going up. Margin trading can be multiplying by 2, by 3, by 5, even up to 200. Most see this as a bad thing, but it depends on how confident you are.

Topic #3: Some Simple Trading Tips

One important to know when you are interested in crypto trading is to remember that the market is volatile. Volatile means that the trends change quickly, and the behavior is really unpredictable. In simpler terms, just because you want things to happen does not mean that they will. You should also remember to study as much as you can.

Topic #4: Will ICOs Be Accepted and Will Alt Season Happen Again?

Though it may seem like a contrary opinion, Wendy believes that ICOs will not be accepted because of what happened to people in 2017. Everybody lost money, as people have invested too much. Altcoins can be dangerous, even with just considering that about 4800 are currently in existence. If the law of average is followed, clearly, a large percentage of these altcoins will not be able to survive.

Topic #5: The Future of Crypto

Before they closed the conversation, Steve asked Wendy what she thinks will bring 100 million people into the crypto space. Wendy, looking at her middle class and poor background, mentioned that this is very difficult to accomplish. Frankly, most of the people she has talked with are not really concerned about investing in crypto. Wendy thinks tech has the image of being hard to understand, so it will only work when it can be explained much more simply and when it becomes user-friendly. To keep up with Crypto Wendy O, she shares her thoughts and content on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and her Telegram Group, @CryptoWendyO.