Divi Celebrates Blockchain Anniversary

Divi - created to realize Satoshi’s dream of a fast, safe and cheap digital money usable by ordinary people around the world without intermediaries, is proud to announce the second anniversary of its blockchain! As mentioned by Divi co-founder and CIO, Nick Saponaro, September 27th marks the second anniversary of the $DIVI blockchain.

Note that Block 1,051,200 represents the first reduction of $DIVI block rewards and will occur on Saturday, October 3rd.

Crypto Made Easy

With a mission to make “crypto made easy” in everything we do - Divi brings cryptocurrency to people and businesses en masse, through user-friendly experiences that reduce user error. Further, the Divi blockchain is truly scalable, transactionally fast and affordable for all.

The coming digitization of all money will inevitably be the world's largest transfer of wealth, in the range of hundreds of trillions of dollars. There has never been a bigger financial opportunity in history and Divi will be the first to market with truly scalable, user-friendly, security-first wallet technology designed for mass adoption with features such as:

  • 5-Layered, One-Click Masternodes
  • Lottery Blocks
  • Crypto Banking
  • Vaulting
  • Advanced Governance
  • Multi-Coin Atomic Swaps

Mass Adoption Isn’t A Theory

Mass adoption isn’t a theory - it’s already here, and it's called Divi.

The Divi team launched its blockchain on September 27th 2018. Now, more than 53% of all $DIVI coins in circulation are in masternodes. As put succinctly by Nick Saponaro, that’s more than one-billion $DIVI, and that’s amazing! Divi has clearly already established itself as a point of convergence for mass adoption. Divi is, and plans to continue to be, the most collaborative cryptocurrency ecosystem amongst its peers. Divi will continue to maintain a focus on its entrepreneurial culture, community and communication for the creation of sustainable value and the mutual success of all.

“Every challenge we’ve faced over the last two years is made microscopic by the strength of the community and the potential for what we’re building. Crypto is a life-changing technology and I’m happy to dedicate my life to bringing it into the lives of others.” - Nick Saponaro

Thank you for being an important part of Divi! We look forward to sharing our third blockchain anniversary with you next year.