Divi Beta Notes: How To Set Up a Windows Wallet

This step-by-step guide will show you how to set up a wallet with the Divi Beta Main Net.

Step 1: Download the zip

Find the release for your version of Windows here and download the zip file for your machine.

Step 2: Unzip the file

Unzip the file locally onto your desktop. Windows 10 should support this operation by default and open the folder divi_win_64 (or divi_win_32 if you're on a 32bit version of Windows). If the resulting file contains a folder of the same name, open it.

Step 3: Open command prompt

Open up a command prompt. This can be the standard 'CMD' or powershell.
For example, you can use the windows search box (enter 'CMD') and from the
results, double-click on command.exe to run the file.

Step 4: Navigate to the .exe

Using the command prompt, navigate to the desktop location where you stored the divi_win_64 file.

cd ~/Desktop/divi_win_64

You should see the divid.exe and divi-cli.exe files in this directory.

Step 5: Execute divid

Outside of the command prompt run divid.exe, accepting any warnings. It
will flash a window and then close.

Step 6: Copy the configuration file

Copy divi.conf from the unzipped divi_win_64 directory to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\DIVI. Replace the divi.conf that exists there with the one included in the zip package you downloaded.

Step 7: Add the test nodes

In divi.conf add the testnodes


Step 8: Restart the daemon

Run divid.exe again. This time, a new window will appear. You need to keep this window open in order to interact with the underlying system.

Step 9: Get your address

Back in the command prompt

divi-cli getaccountaddress <your-account-name>

You can make <your-account-name> whatever you want, or use the default, which is simply two double quotation marks "".

This command should return a new Divi address similar to this one

Step 10: Get your test funds

For the Beta, use the address resulting from Step 9 to obtain some test 'Divi', which will be delivered to your Beta testing address.

You can check the state of your Beta wallet locally be using this command:

divi-cli getwalletinfo

You will receive a response similar to this one

    "walletversion" : 61000,
    "balance" : 100016.99996270,
    "txcount" : 3,
    "keypoololdest" : 1526506588,
    "keypoolsize" : 1001

Some basic commands

Here are some basic commands you should familiarize yourself with.

divi-cli getblockcount

This command will let you know where your local system is in terms of how
much of the block chain you have downloaded and the position. This is helpful in understanding if you are on the right block.

divi-cli help

This command lets you see a list of all the current commands.

divi-cli stop

This will stop the divid.exe cleanly.

divi-cli sendtoaddress <address-to-send-to> <amount>
divi-cli sendfrom <account-to-send-from> <address-to-send-to> <amount>

Both of these will allow you to send funds to another address.

The first command will send from the default "" wallet. Whereas the second command allows you to specify which wallet you wish to send from.